Reading Terminal Market

Napoleon once said “An army marches on its stomach”, I believe the same is also true about students. Food is one of the most important things in life and the 2nd most crucial on a campus (truth be told I think it might be the most crucial, but classes should take first place since I’m not the one paying for them) while Temple does actually have a good food scene it lacks a decent grocery store. The non-food plan options are great, the huts give you a wide variety, my favorite being Ali’s Middle Eastern; the Trucks are the fastest and cheapest food; while the actual restaurants, mostly fast food, give you something in between. At last count there are at least half a dozen places to get pizza on campus (City view, Plaza Pizza, Owls Nest, Mamma Mia, Eddie’s, Fame’s, Maxi’s and the Pizza Truck) and another 5 places to get Chinese. But the problem as I mentioned is the lack of a good market close by, the 7-11 has food but it’s expensive, so I generally go downtown to the Reading Terminal Market.

A little history, the Reading Terminal Market was set up originally in 1859 when local merchants would meet to sell their goods, now it’s a huge farmers market with great fresh vegetables, butchers, and restaurants. It’s located on the corner of 12th and Arch St in Center City. Normally most people take the subway downtown but being a frugal student I take the Center City Shuttle offered by Temple. The university has a one building campus right on the corner of Broad and Market Streets and provides a shuttle for students to get from one campus to another (the shuttle also goes to the other campuses but I’ve never gone to any others but the hospital). The nice thing about the shuttle is that it drops off about 2 blocks from the market and picks up at the same place.

The best part about the market is that I can not only pick up food to make but it has some of the best places to eat inside, my favorite being the middle eastern stand with fresh fruit juices or the candy place. Ivan’s market is where I get most of my produce because it gives students a discount of 10%. On my latest trip I picked up a bunch of things including a pomegranate, which when I cut into formed a smiley face which just freaked me out, so I took pictures.



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