Monks and Gelato

Last night was my friend and former roommate Mike’s 22nd birthday; so we decided to go downtown to Monk’s Café for dinner. The reason why he chose Monk’s is because it is known as the restaurant with the largest selection of beer in the entire city. It is modeled after a traditional Belgian Brew pub, with authentic food. The restaurant is pretty small so we had to wait for about 20min for a table but it was defiantly worth the wait. When we got inside the tiny café we were greeted with traditional Belgian music (I assume it was in a foreign language) and the smell of amazing fries. The drink list was actually a small book on each table and we selected what we thought sounded good and turned out to be very good. The menu is limited and low cost which is great for a frugal student like my self but since it was a special occasion we went all out and ordered appetizers and a meal. I started with roast duck spring rolls in a plum sauce which was the tenderest duck I have ever had, and for the main course had a hearty steak sandwich. My friends shared a sampler platter with traditional cheeses, fruit and salted pork. They also got burgers which were so large that neither could finish.

After dinner we decided to walk around and look for a place to get ice cream, while we were wandering aimlessly we stumbled upon Capogiro Gelato one of the best gelato places on the east coast. We did not know of its fame until we looked it up the next day. Nevertheless the gelato was amazing, the best I’ve ever had, plus it wasn’t exceedingly expensive like most other places. After spending a good 5 minutes looking at their various flavors I settled on Watermelon, and I swear every lick felt like I was biting into a fresh melon.


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