boo midterms

simply put midterms suck. Now it may not come as a surprise to you all that I’m not a fan of exams, mostly because since I’m in the social sciences most if not all of my midterms are in class essay exams. yes it is easier to write an in class essay than a take home paper but i actually find it easier to write a take home because it gives me time to think and really write something meaningful rather than just say everything I can about the topic in the limited time and space. I also hate midterms because you’re always forced to write them in blue books; for those of you who are unfamiliar with blue books they are small notebooks containing 8-10 sheets of paper, but they are not standard size they are 8.5 x 7 so you’re stuck writing multiple pages to finish a single paragraph.

Anyway instead of studying for my Modern Britain exam in the morning I’ve decided to write this post. In looking up the image of the blue book I came across an interesting article in the Yale Daily News about the history of the blue book. “Pontiac Paper Co. produced their first orders for Temple University and Swarthmore College in 1977, Bob Tillberry, the company’s vice president and treasurer, said.” So I guess taking a blue book exam at temple is sort of a tradition but I’d rather sing the fight song than take an exam. But off I go to prep essay answers and memorize a list of the Prime Ministers.


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