Movies instead of class

Shortly after lunch yesterday, I checked my email to find that my afternoon class had been cancelled due to the professor being ill. Now I really like this professor so I feel bad, but I am also happy since it gave me a free afternoon. If I was thinking clearly I would have taken the time to do research for 2 papers I’m working on, or get ahead on my reading, or do some GRE prep work, but since the weather was nice and my roommate was free too we decided to go see a movie. There are a number of independent theaters called the Ritz, which each have 2-5 screens, and run independent along with mainstream movies. Lucky for temple students we have our own on campus theater called “the reel”, its only 1 screen and we get semi-old movies, stuff that was out a couple of months ago, but tickets are cheap $2. There is also the Bridge, which is unnecessarily expensive out in west Philly, the tickets are something like $11 for a day showing, I have only gone there once and that was to see V for Vendetta. Recently we also got the Pearl that was the first multiplex in North Philly in quite a while, the tickets are reasonable $7.50 for a student ticket and it plays all the major movies that are out.

My roommate Matt and I headed downtown to the Ritz to see The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Anderson movie. The movie was great, well paced, and the music was really good. The only downside with seeing a movie during the middle of the week is that once I got back to my apartment I had to do actually get some work done since I goofed off all afternoon.



This picture was taken using Google Maps and their recent addition of the street view to the map of Philly.


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