this one’s for you K$

Last night I was talking to my friend K$ (to protect her anonymity) who is studying in Rome this semester, and she’s officially having the time of her life. Something I really wish I was able to do was study abroad while I was an undergrad. Sadly due to financial costs, time availability and external factors I was never able to get things to work out. But why think of the what-if’s? Something I’ve neglected to do in maintaining this blog is to use things like headers, topic sentences, or grammar, and since I don’t want to get into the habit of writing poorly I will no longer write in this purely stream of conscious manner.


GRE Prep

On Nov 17 at about 1pm I will be taking the GRE, an exam which I have already taken, and not done so well on. This time however I’ve actually taken a concerted effort to prepare and get my self ready for it. The main problem I have with the gre is that it doesn’t really measure anything; in a diatribe about the perils of graduate school one of my professors once stated the following:

“The GRE is a test of nothing but a system. The sole reason why grad schools have you take the exam is to find out how far you’re willing to go to learn something that means nothing. If you can devote weeks if not months of your life to learning this system and succeed then they figure they can actually have you learn from them”

In an effort to prepare for this exam I’m taking one of those unnecessarily over priced courses. The class meets twice a week for 4 weeks right before the exam, we spend every Tuesday doing math work, Thursday doing verbal prep. Lucky for me I understand the verbal and the only real skills I possess are those of reading comprehension and writing an essay. The math isn’t hard, the issue for me is that you are unable to use a calculator. However since I haven’t done a lot of the math in years, I need to spend time going over and over old concepts.




 It’s post midterm time which is good, but it also means that we are in the home stretch so to speak. With only 5 weeks left in the semester, and 1 of those weeks being thanksgiving every day counts more and more. My midterm grades were much better than expected so it takes some of the pressure of off the rest of the semester. Also I do have 3 major papers due by the end of the semester and the next couple of weeks which have been eating up most of my time. Hopefully the main paper which I’m working on, about Broadband Policy will become my writing sample for my grad applications.



On a totally minor side note last week I went to go see the new movie Elizabeth the Golden Age. Now I went to the movie with my friend who is also a history major and we both nearly fell asleep during the movie. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 2 out of 5, and that’s only because it had some great cinematography.


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