The past couple of days have been nothing if not crazy. It is that point in the semester when everything is due or soon to be due so my days have been spent writing and studying. On a happier side note, I am taking the GRE on Sat at 1pm so I am finally, hopefully, I think ready for the exam. Schoolwork has been going pretty well but I’m defiantly feeling the pressure as the end of the semester is slowly coming up.

In an interesting development has recently occurred, current Philadelphia Mayor and Temple Alum John Street has decided to teach a class in the spring semester in Poly Sci about Urban politics, I was tempted to sign up for the class but it meets at 8:40am which is way too early for me.

It’s official that I’m graduating. A couple of days ago I met with an adviser in the CLA Advising dept, to have my Grad Review. The purpose of the Grad Review is to ensure that all students have completed all the requirements mandated for graduation prior to petitioning for graduation. The meeting took all of 15 minutes; but I had to wait 20 min for the adviser to be ready to meet with me. The adviser told me nothing I did not already know which is why I’m wondering why this doesn’t just become an online form that we have to fill out like signing up for financial aid.


Thanksgiving is next week and I’m more than looking forward to it; this year I’m making dinner with the help of my cousin so it will be an interesting meal. The day after thanksgiving, black Friday, is a very special day for me; every year for the past 4 years my best friend Nik and I have woke up at the crack of dawn to get ourselves some great deals. This year we have even set up a little bet as to what is going to be on sale where.


One response to “Crazyness

  1. You are a brilliant man, and thus will do wonderfully on the GREs. I think black friday might actually be my least favorite time to be anywhere near a mall… Stay wonderful.

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