GRE, Work, HD Magic


This past Sat I took the GRE, and I’ll leave that at that. The biggest downside to the exam is the fact that you get your score before you leave. The whole test is taken on a computer where they change the questions you get by how you are doing on the exam; so if you are doing well you get harder question and vice versa. The point of this is to exactly figure out your score in comparison to others. After you finish taking the exam, you have to confirm that you want to keep the test and not cancel it, if you validate the exam it gives you what you scored and then the option to send it off to various schools; a week or so after the exam you get the scores in the mail along with you writing score (there is an essay portion of the exam which is graded after you finish the exam).



As I’ve done so before on this blog I will not specify what I do for work simply because I want to maintain the anonymity of my employer and my co-workers. This past weekend was a big work event, one of our biggest events of the year. It was an all day event which left me totally dead afterwards which isn’t good since this is the time of the semester when the work is piling on.


HD Magic

This is the week of thanksgiving and every year I make it a point to go home as early as possible in order to avoid traffic. Usually I leave temple on Tuesday afternoon, but this year my professors for my tue/thur classes decided to cancel class so I was able to grab a train Monday afternoon. I have to say leaving early is definitely worth it, my freshmen year I waited till Wednesday afternoon to leave and I even took an Amtrak train and I was crammed into a seat after looking for one for 20 minutes. The HD magic that I’m referring to the is fact that my parents got a new HD tv a couple of weeks ago and every time I go home I spend an unnecessary amount of time in front of it.


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