Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Lazyness

This is the point in the television season where all the new shows start every episode with a recap of who everyone is and what’s going on, so if this is your first time to my blog I suggest you check out the “Who is the Wise Owl” page.


Thanksgiving break was last week and as previously mentioned I went home pretty early so that I could avoid the traffic. I also went home early so that I could focus on my work and get some writing done while I was home, sadly this did not happen. This year though I was put in charge of the meal, initially we were supposed to have a ton of people over for dinner; but in the end after a number of people changed their plans it ended up being a small meal with my family and my Aunt and Uncle with some cousins. Originally I had wanted to grill the turkey but my mom vetoed the idea so I just roasted it. Below you’ll find a picture of me carving the bird.


Black Friday

Since my senior year of high school my best friend Nik and I along with our friend Jen wake up at 4am on the day after thanksgiving and go Black Friday shopping. This year we didn’t get the most things but it was our fastest year ever. It only took us a little under an hour to get what we needed and check out, in previous years we’ve spent over an hour just on the line to check out. Underneath is the picture of us standing by the truck with all of our spoils.


The End and Lazyness

With only 2 weeks left in the semester lazyness has set in; while I’ve enjoyed my classes and professors this semester I’m ready for them to be over. The bulk of this lazyness comes from the fact that I have a ton of work to do before the end of the semester and I just don’t want to do it. All I can think about is winter break 5 weeks of just relaxing. Well actually 4 weeks since I’ll be working the first week of the break.


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