9 days; 18 pages, 2 exams


With only 9 days left in the semester, my life has become nothing but class, Paley library, tech center, and writing / studying. As they say all work and no play, causes jack to go through a minor mental breakdown, which forces him to go into therapy for an undisclosed amount of time; so this past Saturday night I went out with a bunch of friends for a night of dinner, conversation and pure entertainment. We decided to go to the hipster paradise that is Dolce, which has a great atmosphere and an even better menu. The food was great, the conversation was amazing and the pictures were ridiculous. Luckily for us there was only one other group in the restaurant and since we had the larger party (11 people) no one really said anything about us taking too many pictures.


While I had a lot of fun on Saturday night, Sunday night was a whole other story. Monday morning at 9am, I had a paper due for one of my history classes; a paper, which I had been putting off for quite a long time and I never, actually got around to researching. Therefore, on Sunday I spent the entire day and most of the night researching and writing. I hate pulling all nighters and generally, I make sure I finish my work well in advance of when it is due but some things just cannot be avoided. The worst part of pulling an all nighter is the next day, you always feel kinda woozy (at least I do after drinking an extra large coffee from dunkin doughnuts, and 3 energy drinks) and your just completely exhausted from the night before.



Final exam time is upon us and lucky for me I only have two exams, which are not until next week so I have plenty of time to prepare for them. Unfortunately, for me though I have two final papers, which I have not started yet. I have all the research done for my 12-page paper and the research for my 6-page paper will only take me 8 hours.


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