O Study Days, O Study Days

For some people study days are a time of fun and joy a nice 4 day weekend before finals where they can hang out with friends and sleep till noon, for me not so much. Mind you part of this is my fault; this semester I was assigned 2 semester long papers which are due during the week of finals. If I was more prepared I would have been doing the research and writing these papers at a gradual pace over the length of the semester, but if you haven’t been able to tell by the tone of this post I have not been doing that. Now that’s not entirely true, I did develop a working outline and did the bulk of my research many moons ago but I left the hard part, writing the actual papers to last minute of sorts. Now I’m not waiting till the night before to do these papers but I have only started working on them 5 days before they are do. Now this post might seem a little odd, and the reason for that is simple it is currently 2:13 am and I have been at the tech center for about 9 hours (non-consecutive, I went to my apartment showered, napped, ate). Currently I have finished my 6 page paper due on Tuesday and am on page 3 of my 12 page paper due on Wednesday; I really should stay at the tech center and work more on the 12 page paper but my right hand is cramping up so I’ve decided to go back to my apartment and sleep for a few hours.


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