So very close but yet so far away


Having finished my 2 final exams and 1 paper I am very very close to winter break, but as I sit here in my living room in NJ I am also very very far away. This week my uncle has come to NJ on a business trip so I decided to make the trip down and finish my last paper at home. Now this is a bad idea, I’ve found that when I’m at home in NJ my productivity goes down to 0. This maybe because I get a billion tv channels, or since I’m physically away from temple I just don’t feel like working, or the fact that all I do is either eat or cook. Somehow though I will get this paper done.

My two exams weren’t that bad; luckily for me my history professor is very straightforward with what he expects; he’s so explicit that he actually gives us a list of the possible terms we will have to define and a list of all the possible essays (6 possible questions he picks 4 to ask, we choose 2 to answer). The only downside is that the exam is very long with 2 essay questions by the time I finally leave the room my hand is so numb that I have to ice it; ok it’s probably not that bad, ok it’s not actually that bad but it hurt. My political science exam did not go as well as expected however, I assume, while I haven’t yet received my grade I defiantly did not prepare as well as I should have, but I can’t do anything about that now.

As for next semester I’m definitely ready for it to begin, I hate sitting around and not doing something, so while I don’t love doing work I prefer being busy to just sitting around. My schedule for next semester is pretty nice but it’s actually going to be one of my most challenging at Temple. I’ll be taking my history capstone class in which I will be expected to produce a thesis of sorts that is usually somewhere in the 20-30 page range, but I’m ready for it and excited to work on it. Also I’m taking a class with one of my current professors who is entertaining, knowledgeable and demanding; he has already emailed everyone a copy of the reading list so we can buy our books now and begin reading them. For some reason I’ve decided to sign up for a poly sci statistics class, now I hate math, I mean really hate it, ok I don’t hate it, I’m just really bad at it. But it’s a good class to take since I’ll be expected to take a bunch of them in grad school. I’m also taking a history class about Asia, mostly because it’s out of my general field of study and I have some basic interest in the subject area.

Winter break will be upon us soon and I will be at home in NJ for most of my vacation. For the first week I will be at Temple working, and I will also be working from home for the Pennsylvania Policy Database. Since I will not be at Temple I will be updating less frequently than I have been during the semester. I plan to update at least once a week if not about what I’m up to then what I’ve done at Temple in the past or just some general nonsense.


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