An uneventful week

This week I’m at temple working; during the day I go to my regular job and at night I work for the Pennsylvania Policy Database. In the fall semester I took a political science course which was based upon the project. The goal of the project is simple: to collect all the bills, court decisions, and other material of that nature and code them all into a giant database. The purpose is so that when research needs to be done there is a single definitive source, also the state legislatures and judges have a database of all relevant information. The best part of the job is that I can work from anywhere with my laptop, so I really get to set my own hours.


I’ve been at Temple year round this year, I worked during the spring and summer breaks, and this winter break makes it a full year. The campus is a strange place to be when classes aren’t going on. There are still some students around but mainly it’s just staff and some random faculty. The nice part is that since there are no lines anywhere I can everything done much faster. However I’m the only one on my entire floor so it’s kind of creepy walking around my building in the silence.


My plan for the week was to catch up on some reading I had wanted to do, work on my personal statement for graduate school applications and finally do my laundry. during your freshmen year you realize that you have just enough clothes for a specific period of time, for me that’s 3 weeks. What that means is that I can last up to 3 weeks without having to do laundry and still have clean clothes. when the breaks get close everyone stops doing laundry, they figure that they will bring their clothes home and do it then. I had planned to do this but decided to stay on campus so now I have a ton of laundry to do; I did do one load on Monday night so that I would have enough for the rest of the week but I still have a literal pile of dirty clothes in the corner of my bathroom that need to be cleaned. I’ve always felt that a service that would do laundry and deliver it would do very well on college campus’ the problem is the price; the cost per load would have to be low in order for students to take advantage of it.


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