Holiday Parties

The past couple of days have been pretty fun for me; I have been sleeping late, not doing any work and just generally being a sloth; I love winter break. Along with the holiday season comes holiday parties, usually I can get out of family parties by simply telling my parents I have other plans or I have work to do; but since I rarely go to these parties sometimes, I am forced to go. The one thing I’ve realized about going to these parties is that no one really remembers what college students are doing; everyone asks where I am, and what I’m doing. Although the best came when I ran into a family friend who had recently moved back to NJ from Texas, the following is a near perfect rendition of how the conversation went:

Rahul: Oh hi Steve, how was Austin?

Steve: hey, wow Rahul, you’ve gotten tall. Oh yeah Austin was great, but I’m happy to be back in NJ.

Rahul: Yeah but you must miss the nice weather.

Steve: yeah I do, but I like the snow. So what you’re still in school right?

Rahul: Yep, I’m a senior; I’ll be finishing in a couple of months.

Steve: yeah yeah, so you know what you’re doing next year.

Rahul: no not yet. I’ve been a bum about my applications, but I’m also looking at working

Steve: Rahul, now you’re a smart guy, you really should go to school, plus getting a college degree increases your possible earning positional exponentially

Rahul: Yeah I know, that’s why I’m a double major, I’m still not entirely sure about grad school though.

Steve: OH MAN, I thought you were a senior in High School….

Rahul: uh, I’m almost 22….

Steve: wow…yeah….


In order to solve this problem I think the best solution is for students to print out cards with the following information and just hand it out to people they meet; thus they don’t keep getting asked the same questions, and it prevents embarrassment.



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