Charm City

Bawldimore as the locals call it is where I’ve spent the past week visiting my best friend who goes to school in the city. Both he and I were quite bored in suburban NJ and decided to make a trip out somewhere, sadly we were both broke so he suggested going to Baltimore since we had a place to stay and tons of stuff to do. He’s been to Philly a couple of times but I’ve never gotten the chance to head down there.  The city of Baltimore reminds me a bit of Philly but there is just something missing from it; I think since it’s slightly more residential rather than urban it feels like less of a traditional city to me. Nevertheless, it was a pretty fun trip; he showed me around his campus, met some of his friends and generally gallivanted around town. One of the highlights of the trip was going to see the Charm City cakes shop, for those of you who haven’t seen or heard of the show it’s about a bakery that specializes in making extremely unique cakes. Their shop was literally a block from my friend’s apartment; sadly they only meet people by appointment and while I did hang out the outside of the shop waiting to see if anyone would leave no one did.

My attempt at karaoke, key word attempt

Baltimore Penn Station



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