My last ever first week

This is going to be my last ever first week at Temple and it’s kind of bittersweet. On the one hand I’m ready to leave I’ve been here for 4 years and I’ve loved every minute of it but I’m ready to move on to something new. But I know I’m going to miss going to class (even though I will deny this in a couple of weeks), meeting new people and the general entertainment of Temple. This semester is actually going to be a difficult one I’m taking 4 classes 2 of which are writing intensive and 1 of which is a math class which I already partially regret signing up for. While I didn’t need to take 2 writing intensive classes the one I’m taking by choice: Modern Capitalism is taught by one of my favorite professors at Temple who is writing me a reference letter and always forces me to work a little bit harder than I usually do; the other writing intensive course is my history capstone which I have yet to go to since it is a Monday night class. The math class is actually a statistics course which I didn’t need to take but was advised to since every graduate program I’m applying to will require me to take some advanced statistics courses and by taking one now I’ll be slightly better off next year. My other class is about Pre-Modern Asia and it seems interesting to say the least.

I’ve also been submitting my graduate school applications. Most of the week has also been spent mildly stalking my recommenders and getting the letters so I can mail them out. I’ve finished all my personal statements and writing samples and now I’m just waiting to pick up the letters and mail them off. On a side note: sending out test scores is pretty expensive; I recommend you finalize your school list before you take your exam and send them directly from the exam for free.


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