Spring Break redux

Spring break is gone and over and I miss it more than anything. This past spring break I decided to stay on campus and work since most of my friends were not off the same week as I was off. I didn’t work the whole break though I spent the first weekend on a road trip across PA to bridge capital of the US; Pittsburgh, PA. The city is also home to one of the graduate programs I was accepted to so I decided to check it out before I made my final decision on schools. I found the city to be interesting but a strange place compared to Philly and New York. On an odder side of things, I never realized how many cows there where in PA. I mean come on, every 5 miles I saw another heard of cows.

On the way to Pittsburgh I stopped at this Hindu temple just outside of the city, now I’m not a very religious person but I always like seeing different temples, churches and mosques because the architecture always interests me. This temple was unique in that it is one of the oldest in the United States and is a hub for many Hindus all across the east coast. In the parking lot I saw cars from as far south as Virginia and as far west as Kansas.

During the week I spent most of it working and being lazy rather than doing any of the million things I have due over the next couple of weeks. On Friday night however one of my best friends came into town and we went to dinner at my favorite Persian restaurant in old city called Aromatic House of Kabob.

Sadly my camera has been, well to put it lightly on the fritz so I have been forced to use my cellphone camera.

The Temple




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