I don’t wanna grow up I wanna stay an Undergrad.

Well it’s nearly official I’ve picked a graduate program and on Monday I’ll be sending my initial deposit to let them know I’ll be coming in the fall. In preparation for this I’ve spent this past weekend in Arlington, VA looking for an apartment, and let me tell you all this: rent is expensive. Compared to Philly the rent for places I’ve been looking at are almost 10-15% higher. The other major downside is that the subway system isn’t as large so I’ll be relying on the bus system more than I liked to but I’m forced to do what I have to. The biggest upsides to this program is not only the location which is just outside of DC which is like the heart of the public policy world, but I also get to live with my best friend which is a big plus, and he has a car which is nice.


On the school front I’m knee deep into my history thesis I have my sources picked and my movies are all sitting on my desk waiting to be watched. At first I was excited that I was going to be able to watch movies for my paper but then I realized that I’m going to have to actually watch all 6 of the movies and at about 2 hours apiece that’s a lot of time spent watching movies.


 Graduation Countdown: 60 days


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