Senioritis n – a disease possessed by those who will soon be graduating from high school / college, it causes the possessor to become extremely lazy in regards to all manner but especially in regards to school work.

This past week I’ve had the worst case of senioritis; I’ve been unable to get anything legitimate done which is really bad since I have 3 major papers left to do, and only 1 month left to do the work, less on some. But on the non-school related front I have been doing all those things that I’m going to miss about philly: going to the crepe truck, going to the reading terminal market, going to my favorite restaurants downtown and just hanging out with friends.

A new feature you might notice on the right side of the blog page is my twitter feed, twitter is a microblogging tool which allows you to update via txt, web or im. It allows me to post exactly what I’m doing in real time.

The following video has nothing to do with anything but my camera is broken so I’ll be adding YouTube videos to add some media to the blog:


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