It’s starting to get Real

T-27 Days

It’s getting pretty close to the end and I can start to see the worry on the faces of my friends. Those of us who know what’s next are starting to realize that we had better get ready because “what’s next” is just around the corner. With only 1 week of classes and then another week of exams comming up the end will be here before we know it and while we are all counting down, cheering as the days go by we are all also pretty sad that we’ll be leaving this place. But onto more happy happy fun thoughts, sorta.

On the school work front I received my draft of my thesis back with quite a bit of what my professor calls “working feedback”. So even though I thought I was done with it, I’ll have to give it another pass over. On the plus side however I did well on my presentation about the paper so that’s one thing on my list of things to do done!

I still have 2 more papers to write and 1 final exam to take but those won’t be too hard.

On the more fun side of things, this past week was Spring Fling which was just madness, the carnival was great.


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