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more work then hours

I’ve hit the point in the semester when everything is about to punch me right in the face. It’s at the midpoint so work is being due and it’s not just done in an hour work but things I have to spend real time doing. I’ve also gotten my thesis topic approved and have begun my primary research which is actually going to be fun since I’m looking at movies. Otherwise things have been going pretty well this past week in addition to doing a lot of work I’ve been having a lot of fun. I went to a basketball game, which Temple won! In addition, I went to a Philly Phantom’s hockey game, somehow we got amazing seats and were right behind the ice. On top of that I finally heard back from some grad schools, I got accepted into 1 and rejected from another, but I’m really really happy about the program I was accepted into since it’s one of my top 3 programs. Unfortunately I won’t be getting direct funding from them in the first semester but I will be able to continue working for a statewide project I’m currently participating in while at this new school so I won’t be completely without funding.

At the Basketball Game


At the Hockey Game


micro posting and thesis

In an effort to update my blog, more often I’ve decided to try something new micro posting. Micro posts will be short 2-3 line updates about things I’m working on. I will still be doing longer more substantive posts but as the semester progresses and my work load increases I think that micro posting will help the blog from dying from a lack of updates.

One of the main reasons why I’ll be micro posting is because this being my last semester I’m taking my final history course or as temple calls it my capstone. The purpose of a capstone course is to combine all your coursework and knowledge of the major into a final project or paper. In the social sciences, this usually entails writing a thesis paper. My capstone is about American history from the 1950s-70s so my paper can deal with anything having to do with the period. As of now (and I hope it doesn’t change) my topic is going to be the evolution of the portrayal of the Korean War in film.  So far I have the list of movie’s I’ll be reviewing and some books on the topic. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks getting more information and working on an outline. Even though Paley (temple’s main library) have a couple million books there were some that they either did not have or were checked out; therefore instead of buying the books I needed I just used the ez borrow service provided by library which finds books at local/ statewide libraries and has them shipped to Paley.  (I’ll also probably be posting more about the services about the library as I’ll be spending a good amount of time in there.)